Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A quick one

With my days being numbered, I need to get my big butt moving.

Clothes and cloth nappies are still stacked away, washing detergeant not purchased, steamer hasn’t been found, glass or plastic bottles, breast pump hasn’t been collected (I know Mott - I'm guilty as charged!) , baby cot isn’t cleaned, mozzie netting is collecting dust.

What have I been doing during the times when hubby was on leave? PROCRASTINATE that’s for sure. I will have to force it upon hubby one of these days to get all those things ready since I can’t move much (it’s mostly an excuse but you know, sometimes, it’s good to have the men do their bit…after all, in a couple of weeks’ time (and what will be a long time coming) I will be the one having to endure all kinds of pain there is out there.

Besides, did you know, my confinement lady has bailed? Well, she has. Now, I've gotta go find another which will be no easy task. I mean, it isn't impossible, just that I won't be left with a myriad of choices. We'll see how it goes. Otherwise, it's Plan B for me (yeah, I actually did have a Plan B for eventualities like

So, you see, being a mom isn't so easy. You are better off sticking to your programming jobs. I'm just sayin' ;-)

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