Saturday, June 4, 2011


Ash : Mommy, look (down) on the floor? All the mess..(bits and pieces of play-dough under their writing table)

Me : Yeah. Who made all the mess?

Ash : Emily and Ashley ah.

Me : So, who is going to clean it up?

Ash : Erm...mommy ah.

Me : Why mommy need to clean? Mommy didn't make a mess also.

Ash : Erm...because mommy can clean faster..faster (along with action)..with a broom. Use the broom and clean fast fast.

Me : Oh. but Ashley can take the broom and clean faster faster also.

Ash : *smiling*

Me : Why not?

Ash : Erm...because Ashley is so small. It's too hard. Ashley can't do it *smiling again*

Me : Are you sure you are too small? It's not hard. You can do it..

Ash :, the broom is too tall(er). It's too hard. Ashley can't do it..

Me : we shall see..(**walks out to watch tv** because this mommy knows she's not going anywhere with this conversation).

Ash : *continues with her drawing*

So...who taught her that huh?.

ps : I was just telling a mummy friend that it will be so nice if we can all fast track the kids but stop time when they are 5 or 6, that'll be just perfect..heheh. But, looks like I better stop time at 4..


Ann said...

LOL. I think all kids are born with great manipulative reasoning skills. Maybe at 5 they will add the word responsible to their set of skills! :)

or better still loving, helpful, caring....

BoeyJoey said...

i love her ways of "negotiating with a smile"! With her charm, bet it works everytime :-)

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