Friday, June 17, 2011

why I love the school holidays?


It's back to school folks.'s been a week already since they're back. You know what I've discovered? I really love the school holidays!!! I'd imagined all the havoc that was going to greet me for 2 whole weeks, I started getting cold sweat and began to feel the stress.

But, I must say, the holidays actually gave me much a much needed break. Especially from all the driving. I am on the road for an hour at least just to bring Ash home. Then, there's playgroup with Mini. And, not to mention the cooking. I cook twice a day at least because there isn't just enough time to cook everything in the morning. I wished I had but I just don't. No, I don't cook in batches and freeze my food; just not used to the 'ang mo' way of freezing food and taking them out as and when needed.

I am also lucky Ash only has 1 extra curricular activity because when she has more when she's older, and when Mini starts going to nursery, I think I'll just disappear into thin air (physically and metaphorically). Maybe I should look into the possibility of freezing batches of food to save time. I am ok with it...because well, we moms, we just wallop whatever that's left over anyways. Well, at least I've learned to ever since the kids came along. But, I'm not too sure about the hubs though. He's really chinese through and through -- loves his freshly prepared warm food and soups. As for the girls, they won't know the difference between the frozen ones and the fresh ones isn't it? Mini eats anything and as long as Ash as her dose of chinese dishes, she's a happy camper. Ash will have no problems whatsoever at the Chinese Open.

See how much I absolutely relished the school holidays despite both kids being at home 24/7. I think the girls had fun on the days they were actually home although Ash did ask about school and when she was going to see her teacher again. I guess those were when she was stuck at home...with me...hehhe.

But, I would say the girls had their equal dose of fun during the hols. Not that we went anywhere during the hols because the hubby's been busy at work. We hung around with friends, had a couple of playdates, went for a picnic, to the Club (my first time...). Indeed, it turned out to be a pretty fun 2 weeks and look how fast it went and now, we're back to the regimented routine of sending, dropping, cooking, cleaning, washing etc.. I simply can't wait for the next (school hols).

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