Monday, February 7, 2011

afraid of dogs


I'm not sure if it is too pre-mature to conclude that lil Em isn't an animal lover. I would like her to be one..towards certain animals of course. I mean, I don't want her to be keeping a pet iguana or help increase the roach population or something to that effect. You know, just love the usual dogs, rabbits, cats .."safe pets" if you'd prefer.

Ash on the other hand, is, without a doubt, a lover of animals; especially dogs. She loves them. She isn't afraid of them. The photo you see above is an example of how fearless she is of dogs. She was only about 20months when that photo was taken and I remember very clearly what happened : we took her to the neighborhood playground on a Sunday morning. Initially we were the only ones there but after a while, this lady with 2 dogs came by. She was walking her dogs and we crossed paths. She pet it (I can't remember if it was a he or she) and hugged it and attempted to carry the dog. The owner was pretty much as amused by the whole incident as we were. Before we knew it, they had to go and we did too. Ash wasn't too happy but luckily, she willingly parted ways with her new found beloved friend.

It's nice to see her bond with the animals. I think lil Em takes after me - I am afraid of dogs. I don't hate them, but I always get geli-fied when the lick my feet. But, if they leave me alone, and not lick me, I'll be ok with them. I can carry them, I can pet them...whatever. Once they start jumping on me and start to lick, that's when I jump too. Pathetic huh?! LOL...oh well, at the moment, Ash has not asked for a pet dog so at the mo, I am safe from doggie saliva :-).


mom2ashleyaidan said...

ok so if you are gelified by dogs, you'd definitely wanna stay away from my Sydney:) she likes to sniff snff and jump jump! :)

Ann said...

LOL !!! kid has got to take after you. At least if Ashley wants a dog, you can ask her to ask hubby. It would be THEIR responsibility in the end.

Does that work? It not being mummy's responsibility? :)

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