Saturday, February 26, 2011

the chili padi of the house

Need I say more?


Mini will soon turn 22 months. I cannot believe how time has flown by. She has definitely grown heaps and bounds.

I can't remember who but someone asked me why we call her "Mini". It's pure coincidence that, in terms of size, she really is a mini but that wasn't the reason. When Ash was a lot younger (they are only 2 years apart), she couldn't pronounce Emily, it was Emini to her. So I just omitted the E and well, hence, Mini -- much cuter and suited her perfectly. After that, the name kind of stuck on and everyone started calling her Mini.

Let me tell you, she's actually far far from being a "mini" where her personality is concerned. She's one tough cookie (or at least, when she's with family) and a feisty one too. It is little wonder why I need more anti wrinkle cream because I am definitely aging far beyond my years...heheh.

But, she's still the little cutie of the family. Caring for her is a lot more easier now. I have cut down on making porridge for her cos she has almost her full set of teeth. Plus, she really prefers eating out of our plates. That definitely is a relief for me seeing how I have very little time these days. She is still clingy, goes where I go but all in all, she's a pretty good baby. Oh and she adores her sister and always wants to be like her, dress like her...even speaks like her. That's what little sisters do, isn't it? - look up to the big sis..

I know I will miss those baby years very soon because they grow up so fast. So am treasuring every single minute of her babyness now. Once it's gone, I can never have it back..


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

So cute!! I recall when she was first born, she was refered to as "Em" in your blog :) Like you said, time has passed so quickly sooooooooooooo it's time for another one! hahahahah
P/S: all ready for the big trip???? I'm doing the itinerary.

Ann said...

When you mention Mini, reminds me of my son also calling his muimui, Minnie....coz she is cute like Minnie Mouse!

The character of your Mini coming out now. Enjoy her at this age! :)

I know I can't wait for my Minnie to grow up a bit and talk to me! :)

Mamapumpkin said...

So cute how nicknames come about. I am also cherishing every breath and every smell and every second of my last baby......

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