Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mess with ma' sister, you mess with ME!!

Well, not exactly her words cos Ash is such a "girl", she'll probably just whack you with her hankie.

What happened this morning is true example of one protective sibling.

I picked Ash up from school as always. But, this afternoon, mini wasn't asleep in the car so I brought Mini down and walked into the school compound with her. WHen Ash saw us, she happily skipped out of her class, turned and said her goodbyes to her friends. Then, 2 of her boy classmates figured it must be funny to strike a Ben 10 pose, as if inviting mini to a duel. They hovered around her ready to strike if she ever made a move. As soon as Ash saw them, she instinctively knew they were trouble and kept telling me to "carry Mini...carry Mini". What did I do? - I ignored her (yeah I know - bad mama!) cos I was busy chatting with the teacher.

They kept going nearer and nearer and naturally, Mini got terrified and that was when Ash stepped in; she literally stepped in front of Mini, stretched her arms wide like a mother hen protecting her young, all the while saying "no no...don't touch Mini...". Them boys..they continued their frightening gangsta poses accompanied by loud roaring noises. I wanted to laugh but when one of them almost toppled Mini over (she is, after all, quite a mini), I broke the 'fight' (hahahah...) and carried Mini away to safety.

The teacher shooed both the boys back into the building as we walked out towards our car and all was well in the end. Phew...what a day at the hoodlums....hehehe.


mom2ashleyaidan said...

that's a good sign that the bigger sis is protective over the younger one.
The 2 boys sounds like what Aidan would do!!! Boys will be boys!!!

Elaine said...

Thumbs up for big sis Ash!!

It's heart warming to see how siblings fence for each other.

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

"She ain't heavy, she's my MINI"!

Ann said...

your whack you with a hanky got me cracking up! tooooo farny!

And wow....good for ASH. Better for mini.

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