Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ikea Sale

I was at Ikea last Friday. Had some time off so I went. It's always an advantage going to the stores on a weekday : less traffic (human and otherwise). I had wanted to get an extension to our existing wardrobe. It has been on our to-do list like...forever! We were always procrastinating because we haven't found the the right one. At times we toyed with the idea of getting a whole new wardrobe altogether and throw out the old one. But then, we'd get sentimental because the existing wardrobe in our home has been with us ever since we got married. It still works so, not exactly any reason to throw it out unless we have a real reason to. Saving money that's what we're aiming with this.

The other matter we have to constantly battle with is the incessant questions coming from a 5-year old's mouth. I don't know about other kids (but, I have been told they are all the same), but, I am always hurled these difficult questions. Difficult ones like : hey, that uncle's hair is grey; like yeh yeh. Why his hair is grey? or Why is the boy crying? or What is that one the girl's arm shoulder braces). It is not that bad if she whispered sweet questions to my ear but no, she will point whilst asking..very loudly at that. I don't want her to be rude. On the other hand, I also don't want her to stop inquiring because they are after all fair questions. She's just curious. Looks like the best way around it would be to 'train' her to ask  all she wants behind people's back. Oh My!! Am I raising my daughter how to be a gossiper? 0_0.

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