Saturday, July 28, 2012

Understanding the British monarchy

So, who isn't watching the Olympics? Was watching the Opening Ceremony with the girls. Hubby was fast asleep. You know, watching anything on tv with the Ash means having to answer her queries every 5 seconds : what are they doing mommy? why are they standing like that? wah, the man go up so high, on and so forth. Never a peaceful journey through the screening. 

Anyway, when we got to the part with Daniel Craig accompanying the Queen for her ride, I told her :

Me : That's the Queen, Ash. 

Ash : la...she's just an old lady. 

Me : It's true. She's the Queen of England. 

Ash : **shooting me with suspicious look** But, she's kind of old uh. I told you she's old. 

Me : She's a very old Queen

Ash : ~silence~ **ignore-Mommy-and-Mommy-must-have-some-loose-screws-up-her-head mode**

Well. So much for international school. O_o. 

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