Friday, September 4, 2009

good news..bad news

very co-operative the girl that night...rarely happens

My little girl, Ash. She did something very very interesting today. She, the girl who can barely string a sentence coherently told me that she had tummy ache. She lifted up her shirt and rubbed her tummy saying "tou thung".

Wow! I am sure, if we are wired in a way that we can smell too, you'd be able to smell my excitement. It's as though I had won a million bucks in ToTo.

You might be wondering "So...what?"...Dude, it's no secret that I'm the laziest mom on earth. I don't cook, I don't do ironing, I can't even take care of 2 kids (but I farm...???). And, my girl will turn 3 next March and she's still on full-time diapers. It's costing a lot of $$ for us but you know, I just..I am just to lazy. I am afraid of spills, the fact that I have to clean up, stuff like that. I don't even want to think.

The strange thing is, I did try...once, to get her to sit on the big people's seat. But she got scared and refused to plant her bum on it even though I was holding her the whole time. So, I didn't want to force her after that. I just let her be.

So, anyway, the fact that she wants to urm, do her business a reason enough for me to celebrate like it's Christmas! I led her to the bathroom, took out her diapers and carried her onto the toilet seat. Of course, I had to continue holding on to her..else she's fall right

The other surprising thing was, she didn't protest. She allowed me to do all that. And she was ok. Well, that's the good news.

The bad news is, she didn't do anything. Nope, she just sat pee, no poo..NOTHING. We err..sat there for about 10 minutes, and finally, she said she wanted to shower instead.

What a let-down; on my part that is. I thought I was going to witness what most people have witnessed already : a big show down the toilet. But I didn't. I honestly thought this was it you know. This was the moment. The end of wiping down smelly and disgusting poo right in front of me.

I probably will have to do more now. I probably will need to start asking her to go to the bathroom everyday now. Or something which I dread - off with the diapers. Not an easy to task to accomplish but I think it's time.


mott said...

Hey..she's getting there! Soon! SOON!

Turning 3 already? Wow..time really flies!

mommy to chumsy said...

It's a good start. Well done, Ashley :) Err..maybe you could get those little toilet seat and then she would be eager to do her biz :)

Shireen Loh said...

mott : i hope so...

barb : I was thinking of that too. i saw one with music but it's very expensive. too much money to hold poo...hehhee..maybe i have to look around more...

wen said...

use potty first ma... easier.. u dont want her to fall into the toilet bowl

Ann said... day out of the blue she will just pee in the potty!! Umm....going to school may speed up the process!

When too lazy, outsource it! ;)

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