Sunday, December 28, 2008

Up close and personal

This holidays has been extremely good for Ash. She's been having a lot of fun. Whereas for me, I am utterly exhausted. Of course, it doesn't help much when you are carrying extra weight like I am. In terms of my spirit however, I'm almost always raring to go. It's very much a case of the mind is willing but the body...urm...not so.

Anyway, thanks to hubby's brilliant idea, we headed off to the jungle in Pahang in search of some wild animals - elephants to be exact.

We went to :

Alright,'s not exactly the jungle per se but close as the conservation centre is situated pretty remotely deep within the vast jungle area. So, don't expect a theme park set-up as there are no elephant performing tricks or elephants dressed up like a circus clown. But, you can certainly get real and I mean, real close to them.

Imagine that you are living quite primitively amongst the wild-life. That's how the place feels and looks like.

If you are coming from 1 Utama, it'll take you roughly an hour and half to get there. It's not outrageously far out and was fairly easy to find (sure beats looking for Ferrari parts).

Once you've reached, all you have to do is register the number of visitors and then, sign your life away (indemnity)...LOL..Since this sanctuary is owned by a non-profit organisation, there are no entrance fee. But you could contribute a small sum as donation. We bought t-shirts :-D.

I did mention that there are no performances by these elephants but there are a few simple activities that you can participate in. For starters, you can help feed the elephants their lunch and go on a short ride on them after that. Unfortunately for us, we didn't do any of those. Also, I think, on certain days of the week, you can even take baths with them in a nearby river.

It was a short but interesting visit. It won't take you more than an hour to completely absorb everything. I don't think Ash will remember the fact that she came face to face with a gentle giant (the ones we were allowed to go near were, I supposed, trained not to harm humans).

Well, that's about it. Our next stop was Deerland which I'll post later. In the meantime, you go on and enjoy a couple of shots we took :-D


adrian said...

My dotter went to Kuala Gandah during the school holidays and had a blast.

Merry X'mas & a happy new year!

wen said...

didnt know there is such place!

Sandra Carvalho said...

What a cool place!Loved the pics!Little Ash is a princess!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Oh wow! How Ash has grown. I still remembering that you were worried that people commented she looked like a boy. Look at her now ;)

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