Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looky here!!

I'm sorry, I know this doesn't give you any information whatsoever as to where we've been today.

You'll know.


I'm just a little exhausted as I was up (voluntarily) since 6 am this morning to prepare lunch. On most days, even if I did wake at such un-godly hour, I'd usually fall back to sleep or just read or complete my post or simply do absolutely nothing at all.

Not today. I was up, brushed my teeth and even though I barely had time to breathe, I was already working up the wok. It's all hubby's fault. He's asleep now by the way..with Ash. They both went to bed at 9.

So, will I be offering any clues? One thing though – don't get your hopes up cos it's no where fancy. In fact, I was the only preggy lady there *gulps*...

Oh, back to clues – there were definitely no Mulberry trees.

Alright, more tomorrow. I am hitting the sack. Fast!

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