Friday, December 26, 2008

More from the outdoors

My MIL's orchids. Aren't they pretty?

I am beat

Ok, let me say it again - I AM beat!

We've been running around endlessly for the last couple of days because dear hubby is on a 2 week break from work. "Yippee us" yes! But the sheer exhaustion of doing this and that and this and that is really taking a toll on this very old and fragile pregnant lady. Though the mind is thinking 20s but the body feels like 40s with extra kilos.

And you know what else? The traffic - human traffic! I thought being the holidays, people would be on holiday - somewhere else. But unfortunately for me, everyone seems to be still hanging around. Or worst - they have come to town for a holiday! I am so going away next year.

Oh and you know what else been urking this eating-for-two lady? Smokers. They are everywhere - at the restaurant, at the mall, at the coffee shop. Where ever I go, I sniff smoke. No offence to those who does smoke but it's really annoying me! At the rate they (the smokers) seem to be going, I wonder : do they even have smokers life insurance?

Whatever it is - we're off again on a day trip tomorrow. If I am up to it, I'll post some photos after :-D

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