Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PL & M : The Newly-weds

I don't have permission to publicy publish their images so you'll just have to contend with the one above.

Last weekend, (in fact, it started Friday evening) we attended one of my closest cousin, PL's wedding.

The evening session on Friday was held at my aunt's house. It's the more conservative version of a “Bachelorette party” in view of the fact that there were plenty of senior and junior citizens in attendance. I'm not sure if she had a 'real' one earlier on : God I hope she did! LOL..

It was nice, chatting with my extended families and some of whom I've not seen in years. A great time to catch up if I do say so myself. PL showed us her wedding photos which were compiled in 3 albums! I don't re-call having that many variety in my day. Then again, my day was way way baaaaccckkk then!

The next day, that's when the actual ceremony began. First, they had the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. I am quite sad to say that I missed that. It's some old folks' abstinence for the preggers. Fortunately, I'm kinda superstitious and acceptable to things like these so I stayed home. Actually, we all stayed home and waited till it was time to head out for the church ceremony later in the morning held at St. Paul's Anglican church in PJ.

We missed quite a number of things that morning. One was the Chinese Tea Ceremony as I mentioned and we also missed the bridal procession at church. In fact, we or rather, I missed quite a fair bit of the church ceremony as Ash fell asleep on the way to church and since we didn't intend on waking her, we let her nap in the car with me accompanying her. I only went out every now and then to catch bits and pieces of the event when hubby came out. Oh, he was the de facto photographer that morning. Most images on camera were in fact taken by him.

I must admit, it was indeed a beautiful church wedding. The only qualm I had was when both PL and M were exchanging vows, I felt that the priest was standing a wee bit too close to the couple. I had this sense of eagerness to say this to him “hey man! You've already got the best seat in the house for sure so could you like, move back a know, give them some room...”. Of course, I did no such thing but somehow, that kept playing in my mind even as I left the place after lunch. Oh, we were treated to a scrumptious buffet lunch after the event by the church; that was lovely!

Although, I could tell that the entire affair was extremely exhausting for the young couple. To add to last week's occasion, they are in Ipoh going through another celebration session as I type this. M's family is from Ipoh. And I bet the parents are equally exhausted but overwhelmed with joy at the same time too.

So am I.

PL has always been like a kid sister to me. Especially during the years before my sisters arrived. Three of us (PL's older sister included) were taken care of by our grandmother. Now, to personally witness her growing up, the obstacles she faced, the challenges before's a feeling I can't even comprehend myself or even find the right words for it. I feel an immense joy for her and during the wedding dinner on Sunday, while watching the video of the tea ceremony played for the benefit of those who didn't attend, I started to tear. Not cry buckets but tears started to well. I just felt so so happy for her. And I pray that she together with her new hubby, will have the kind of happiness that they truly deserve.

PL&M, If you are reading this :
Justify Full
“Congratulations once again. May God bless the both of you as you embark on your journey as husband and wife”.


sting said...

Congrats to PL & M! wishing them many beautiful years together... I love church weddings

mott said...

Congrats! Getting hitched is easy! Being married isn't!

Hahahahaah..btw, I used to go to St.Paul's too. Of course... that was a WAYS back.

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