Thursday, December 4, 2008

Miss Raggedy-Ann

Perhaps...not exactly but...close.

I got Ash her very first rag doll. I never had one myself as a child and I always felt that every girl or little girl should have least. So, not wanting Ash to miss out on any of her childhood must-haves, I went and got her one from Marks & Spencer last Saturday while at The Gardens.

Raggedy came in 2 sizes; the smaller of the 2, snuggled fittingly into Ash's arms while the larger one was a life-sized doll! So large that it even towers above Ash by half it's head. I thought it looked a little too scary to have.

Ash was taken in by the smaller of the 2 initially; holding on to it as I brought it down from the rack. I wasn't sure then if I wanted to get it; I sort of left it as that and just went about observing Ash. She continued holding on to it until something else distracted her and she flung it down on the floor before running towards...err, whatever that she was after. Several minutes later, hubby brought her to where I was and reminded me that we had to leave since it was getting late. And so, I reacted in such an impromptu manner (not the first time) – I turned to hubby, smiled and said “I'm getting it”. He was like “ sure it's for Ash or do you want it for yourself?”. I responded with a girly giggle “it's for me...”

True to my words or in this case, hubby's : ever since we brought Raggedy home, she has been lying and tossed everywhere else in the house but next or with Ash. She even became my un-likely photography subject when I ran out of things to shoot.

Ah...and so...there lies the fate of our little girl's only rag doll. Will she ever be loved by this rather fickle 20-something month old or is she just merely an object; existing only at her beck and call or to never be acknowledged...ever?

Come a couple of months (or years, depending on how quick Ash warms up to it) to find out; I just hope I remember to update. O_O..


Tammy said...

Aurora wasn't into dolls when she was little. She liked the stuffed animals better.

Sandra Carvalho said...

I love rag dolls!Never had one while until I got married!LOL!
Hope Ash enjoys it!

Julia said...

I have put this on my list for my daughter too. Not exactly the same one but a rag doll none the less. Great gift! :)

Mommy to Chumsy said...

oh this rag doll is nice. i never had one as a child too. ashley is still not into dolls or plush toys yet.

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