Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Hi dear friends!

I can't believe that my weekend is over. And, while it is true that that shouldn't make much of a difference since I am 'off' on a daily basis anyway but, let me tell you -- it does (make a difference)! When hubby is around and I can sleep in a little..heheheh...:-)

You might remember me telling you about my looking forward to the holidays but not so much at the same time because of the horridly erratic weather we've been having. Well, all of it came true...until this morning..

I woke up to the sun's greeting instead of a horrible storm which was such a wonderful welcome. I was elated naturally. So, I happily woke the 'half-dead' hubby and told him that we needed to do "something" since today was the last day of his holiday. But, to my disappointment, he mumbled about having an overseas conference call in the morning.

Alright, so that pretty much ruined everything. However, knowing me, I will not be upset by a mere 'conference call' : I told him that we could spend the morning at our neighborhood play-ground instead. Also. to save time, we would drive instead of walking like we normally do. He reluctantly agreed and got up. We quickly had breakfast, changed and out the door faster than you can say "GO!".

And, so we spent a good hour hanging around. I know, it wasn't what I had in mind but under the circumstances, it was the best we could do. I took some photos too since, after all, I am in charge of capturing Ash's childhood on digital. As usual, here are some of my favorites that I'd like to share with you :

I think I've gone on enough about us. How was your weekend holiday? I certainly do hope that you had loads of fun as well!


Sandra Carvalho said...

Great photos!!!!
Looks like you guys had a blast!

wen said...

nice photos and park too!

BeautyQueen said...

very nice pictures..!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

really nice park :) i love the hat that ashley has on. she looks so adorable :D ashley's not afraid of the dog? how brave :D

Tina said...

she looks so adorable in her little hat!

i like the one where shes stroking the dog. jack russels love kids!

i used to have an over exited one ha!

i have a tag for you too mate

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