Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Great with Daddy around

Ash has been loving every minute of her life. Her Daddy is home and has been home for almost a week now. The mom (me) too have been enjoying Daddy's presence 24/7 - more so when he's busy entertaining the little girl.

As much as I dread for Daddy to go back to work, I'm sure little Ash will dread it even more. She has grown extremely attached to her Dad. He is her side-kick - always goofying around, playing, giving into her whims and fancies. As for me, I'm more of the no nonsense-strict-won't do anything unless it involves getting up to pee or switch the Astro channel. Gosh, I've been such a couch potato lately.

This has got to stop.

This has got to end.

Maybe I should re-decorate the house...the country..Heard of Murray Feiss?

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