Thursday, October 9, 2008

Many many thoughts...

Ash thought this baby looked like someone she'd like to get to know

Firstly – there are endless Christmas presents to buy. I could ignore them since even if I'd bought them, I would not be the one delivering to the recipients and seeing their faces (hopefully in glee) light up when they finished unwrapping them. Yeah, I am funny like that – the joy (for me) is seeing happy and surprised faces more than shopping for the gifts itself. I thought about it and since sending Christmas Cards or Holiday cards is so impersonal, I decided to get the gifts in any case even if we are not there sharing the gift-giving and gift-receiving season.

OK now--what on earth am I talking about here? Well, that, incidentally, brings me to “secondly”. You see, I'm not sure if you remember me talking about getting flight tickets for our year-end trip. I believe it was a short one and offered no explanation whatsoever. My apologies; explanation coming right here – we were supposed to spend Christmas in sunny Australia (it would be sunny by the time we went there). Hubby was able to secure a one month long vacation leave and we thought it appropriate to spend the holidays with the rest of his family in Aust.

We were particularly excited about this trip simply because this will be the first time, in a LONG time, the ENTIRE family gets together and just be a family. His family is kind of split up in that we and his parents are here while his siblings are over there. There was never a right time for everyone to be at one place because of work commitments. And so, we thought this would be it taking into consideration that Christmas is a time where in Aust, people are on long vacation so there will be no need to inconvenience anyone into taking unscheduled leaves to accommodate us. Sounds like a plan doesn't it? That's what we thought too until...

Due to some recent developments, which unfortunately I can only blog about a little later (sorry again!), we had to cancel our flights. Luckily there were some change in the dates and we hadn't paid for it at the time when we canceled. But, my in laws will continue with the original plan of going and to my envy – will get a taste of the infamous turkey that my BIL makes and raves about every year!

Oh how I was really looking forward to this trip. I had plans of what we would be doing; like camping for instance. I know, the summer heat and insects but unless you've done it like I have, it's actually very fun. Not forgetting the After-Christmas sale. It's not the States but for what I intend to look for, it's enough. Ah..just thinking about it makes me a little sad. But, the cancellation is due to a very good reason, so, I shouldn't beat myself up anymore. Besides, I will get my therapy from shopping for pressies for my MIL to bring over..:-D

So, other than that, I'm feeling better. Not entirely but better. I went for my monthly quick fix yesterday; my feet feels great after a soothing massage and pedi. I've gotta say that I am quite lucky in that I get to indulge in some kind of comfort every month – my facial and pedi. To just take away the routine and all. And they don't costs a lot either cos I don't go to swanky upmarket over-the-top beauty centres to have my face and nails done up. In fact, in total, my facial and pedi combined doesn't even cost more than RM150. I would think that is a steal for some sort of pampering, no?

We have got quite a bit going on this weekend and next. The Raya feasting is far from over for one thing. Plus, full-moon and birthday celebrations. So, am bracing myself for a busy weekend and not the usual sedated ones I have been having lately. Really, with my mood and condition – sometimes, even eating can be a problem.

Oh dear, I didn't realise what a long and winding post this has become. Hope you didn't fall asleep at mid-point...heheheh...I'll stop here, more later!


Mummy to QiQi said...

so soon it is christmas again yea!!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Ahhh Xmas time!....I just adore it!...

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