Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rare occasion

This morning is one of those rare occasion where we are (or rather, I am) awake before Ash. She's been so exhausted from yesterday's activities that even until now, as I am typing this, she's still asleep! I'll let her sleep in a little before checking on her.

I haven't much planned for today except maybe, get some new furniture; like a proper chest drawer for Ash. I have been using this plastic-container type drawer for her clothes since she was born. Initially, they were meant for her toys and other non-clothing type of things but since we had another bigger box for her toys, I decided to use it for her clothes before getting her a proper one. I figured, since her clothes were tiny, they didn't require much space so I left it as that. But, as you would've guessed by now that I procrastinated..for too long and now, the drawer is over-flowing and I seriously need to get her a proper (and bigger) chest drawer.

Plus, I've also had my eye on this really comfortable one seater which I am hoping that with a little coaxing, hubby will get it for me..LOL..Oh, and I also want those ultra expensive, wallet breaking and chic- looking kitchen faucets for my "wet" and "dry" kitchen. But I think, I shouldn't push my luck that far if ya' know what I mean! ;-)

Alrighty, I'll get a pic up for you when I get my couch; in the meantime, you have a Sunday!


Sandra Carvalho said...

Oh I need a couple of chest drawers too!I don't know where else to place my kids clothes anymore!Geez!
Have a great day mate! ;)

sting said...

happy belated anniversary ya :-)

oh, we've got those plastic container type too for our kid..

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