Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's cookin'?

My favorite print on our kitchen wall..

I'm not a good cook; there, I said it! In fact, I can hardly be labeled a “cook”. However, if you consider whipping up simple stir-fries and occasional steaming – cooking, ok then, I'll gladly accept :-)

I don't know, the worst is I can't cook when I am unhappy or simply not-into-it. I have to be in that right mood for me to stay in the kitchen longer than usual. And, I can't do the everyday cooking thing either. So, God help me when Ash is ready for her full-fledged adult meals! I guess I'm not exactly a “model” mom.

Today, however, the “mood” caught up with me. Plus, I would have to say that, hubby was home early too. I can't help it but it feels sort of cosmic; as if he knew I was in my "funky cooking mood" and decided to leave work early. In addition, the mystical connection didn't end there either; we both said we wanted seafood -- simultaneously! More specifically – oysters! By then, my brains were already ticking with our dinner menu.

As soon as he reached home, huffing and puffing, we went looking for oysters but couldn't find any at the store nearby. Strangely, we did find clams and scallops. Well..clams and scallops will have to do since we were running out of time.

So, in the end and after 2 hours of quality time behind the stove (with plenty to spare if you want to squeeze in Boston resumes), our dinner comprised of the following :

  1. rice (staple - can't do without em')

  2. chili sauteed clams

  3. steamed scallops with chopped garlic and ginger

  4. stir-fry vege

  5. potato and fish cake – something all 3 of us could enjoy

I must confess that presentation wise - terrible. We were so hungry, we would've eaten them straight from the wok! LOL...Although our dinner wasn't what you might call a 'gourmet' meal but was good enough.

Finally, if you don't mind sharing with me; what did you have for dinner?


Mommy to Chumsy said...

hey, that's a nice print you have on your kitchen wall ;)

Tammy said...

We are having baked trout, potatoes and mixed vegetables.

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