Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday rambling...

Another image taken at Bkt Tinggi...don't they look lovely? :-D

I had a brief but wonderful chat with Mott yesterday evening. She ever so kindly reminded me of something which I know I haven't been talking often about – my preggy update. And I thought you are all sick of preggy stories..LOL...

The truth is and like I explained to her, my preggy situation is kind of boring and frankly, I 'd rather not have it any other way. One thing which I am glad for is that my morning sickness (rather for me, it was 'evening sickness') has disappeared and I am definitely eating better. Sleep is still something I am a little deprived of as I tend to wake up at least once in the middle of the night to pay my lavatory friend a visit. Other than that, I am feeling better compared to the 1st 3 months or so. In addition, the cervical polyp I developed during my pregnancy with Ash did make it's way back this time but on a much smaller scale; so small that I don't bleed as often as I did previously. Another good pregnancy thing..for me.

Apart from that, Ash has been far. She's been leaving me alone and bugging her dad instead – a pretty darn good sign if you ask any pregnant mothers...LOL. But yeah, she's grown very attached to her dad lately and it's also because of hubby's initiative to spend more time with her so I can rest. Also, my in-laws have been helping me out for most days during the afternoons for me to recuperate. So, all's been ok in terms of how I am coping etc...

I guess I haven't been really thinking about this pregnancy that much compared to my first. For instance, I don't even keep track of how far I am; a rough estimate of “yeah...I think I am about there” is all I am able to tell people when they ask. And I don't check the weekly progress on my pregnancy book against my own that much either. Is it a bad thing? I honestly don't know.

As for whether I am worried about labour – well, dear friends, my first was an induced, 18 hour, no epidural (only other form of pain relievers that I swear won't help whatsoever) natural birth. So, I kind of like to think that I can pretty much handle it...again...well, except if they decide to cut me up and that, I am not prepared for.

The one thing I've learnt (possibly the hard way) is to take things one step at a time. No point fretting over matters that may or may not happen or that I can't control. Questions like how will I cope with 2 kids? Will I need a maid or should I send Ash to her grandma every single day once the babe is born? Or what about food? Do I cook, eat out, cater? yadda yadda yadda...the list is endless...and really, I haven't actually thought of all these until this post.

I don't have all the answers and yeah, I don't know what will happen when the time comes. I will have to simply keep the faith and do what comes naturally. I'll either swim or sink but whatever it is (or may be) I will have to two ways about that!.

p.s : Ever bought anything on sale that you don't need? Well...I just did! O_O


Tammy said...

I didn't have an epidural with Aurora and she got was an extremely painful experience. Aidan was twisted around so I knew I had to have an epidural for him and it was wonderful! Go for the drugs!!! LOL

Sandra Carvalho said...

Are u kidding??I love preggy stories!
Epidural?No thanks!!!!I had one in my 1st and I swore that never again!
They had to pull Filipe out with forceps...I felt like they were scrapping my uterus with a couple of forks....Ever again!I rather go 100%natural labor!Even if I have to deliver 50 babies!LOL!

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