Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The woman with green fingers

One of the many things I admire about my MIL is that she's extremely good with gardening (apart form many other things that she's able to do). Plus, she does it without any help from anyone. Well, maybe except for the individual who comes around to help trim the grass once every month or so. Apart from that, what you see here is the result of the hard-work and dedication of one person; one woman to be exact.

The above image is one of the many variety of plants and flowers she has in her garden.

The largest is the huge rambutan tree situated behind the house. And for as long as I can remember, it has been there for oh I don't know - 20 years! And it's still bearing delicious fruits during its harvesting period. Unfortunately, I am not too keen on venturing to that part of the house cos it's filled with lots firery red ants and dreaded mozzies. So, there are no photos of the gigantic tree -- for now :-D

I remembered once she even attempted to grow her own grapes. She was almost successful but not quiet. The grapes were so sour I just couldn't muster another bite. I think it's the weather; ours isn't very conducive for these type of fruits.

What we've been doing so far since she's away on vacation is trying our best not to let these wonderful greens wither away by watering them and making sure they've got their healthy dose of vitamins once every week. Other than that, I've been a busy shutter-bug, snapping away, building my own personal collection of hopefully great nature photos :-)

P.S : I need to shop for a paella pan for my aunt cos it's on her wish-list for Christmas and I am running out of time!!!

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