Friday, November 30, 2012

Santa IS real!

So, my kids actually believe in Santa Clause. They do not think it is some guy in disguise. They actually believe that the some guy in disguise IS the Santa from the North Pole. 

I am not about to burst their make-believe bubble and tell them that Santa isn't real. That there is no such thing as Santa Clause and no human person can really deliver all those gifts to all the children of the world. Nope. Plus, there are no 'flying' reindeers. If anything, reindeers are possibly smelly and without wings. 

But, you know, it is Christmas. The season of dreams, tales, songs, wine, and Colin Firth in his reindeer jumper (LOL). Well, we won't get all snowy this Christmas that is for sure. It is bloody hot over here.

 I will let the Santa thing slide for now. I mean, I am pretty sure that eventually, they will realise that Santa is another sui yee in a suit, out to rip kids (and parents) off. Soon they will know that anyone can be Santa..including mommy. I just need the right outfit..and the nice beer to get me to sleep.


Sarah @ Family. Food. Fiesta. said...

Let them continue to believe in Santa Claus! It's not hurting anything and it makes the holiday seem more magical. They'll probably find out he's not real through one of their friends...that kind of stuff always slips out or the other kids tease a little. But it's good to have magic!

Shireen Loh said...

Exactly my thoughts, Sarah! Thanks for your encouraging words :-)

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