Friday, November 23, 2012

Music to save the day

A couple of months ago, we visited hubby's ex-colleague who was seriously ill. He had everything imaginable : failing liver, stroke, diabetes...and, I can't remember anymore but he must have had it. It took forever to persuade him to go check himself into the hospital. He doesn't believe in seeing doctors. To him, all doctors are crapzzz!! hahaha...

So came my hubby, the tough negotiator (actually, no la, just used some reverse and perverse psychology), he finally convinced (and sent) the sick man to the hospital. To cut the story short, he finally agreed to the dialysis treatment and is still on it. Plus, whatever speech therapy that he was recommended.

Anyway, while we visited them during Raya, we met his 2 sons. Very good boys. One is doing his final year in school and will be off to college soon. Oh, they are Indonesians by the way. So, we got to chatting, the girls loved playing with new kor-kors. The boys attend the International Indonesian School here in KL. Apparently, some Malaysians attend there as well. Shocking!

One interesting fact I sort of gathered from them is that music was somewhat a compulsory subject in their school. If I am not wrong, it is the high school kids who has to learn a musical instrument. So, the bigger boy, he chose the guitar. He brought it out and played a couple of tunes for us. And then, it hit a bolt of lightening. No wonder the Indonesians have better quality songs than we do. I am serious! Have you compared their hits with ours?

And, as if I know a great deal about guitars, I asked him what he thought of the kawaii. Was it worth the money? Hubby looked at me like 'wait, is that my wife talking?'. To the hubby's surprise, I do know a couple of things..other than what's in the kitchen. Yes, I do kind of know a thing or two about the world ;-).

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