Monday, December 10, 2012

Street performer

If my girls can't study or work in the corporate field or do both....they can consider a career in street performance. I am not entirely sure what they can do. Juggling? Clown? be a mime artist? Or play the piano or guitar? Before they can actually perform on the streets, they have to learn the craft first. I mean, you don't really want to suck at performing and have no money pelted at you right?

Anyway, I think these people make tons of money. Tax free and under the carpet. Cash. I think it's a fine profession. They are not out murdering, or robbing people, right? Still a decent living. They could be making more than all the CEOs of the world. Only problem is, you have to be really good la. I mean, no half-baked stunts. If want to mime, you better make damn sure it's mime and not some tau foo making some robotic moves, you know what I mean?

Likewise, if they want to play whatever musical instrument, they better make sure they can "play" in the first place. Which means, they go to learn how to play...the piano or guitar. I should start comparing instrument prices, cost of lessons, as well as cost of spare parts (in case we need replacements). 

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