Thursday, December 13, 2012

Will and Kate are parents bound

The world is going crazy. The Duchess of something is pregnant! Every magazine, every newspaper, every online news, tv news...everything is reporting the happy news. Someone committed suicide because of this "world event". See how importante the news is?

I say, give the poor Princess a break. As it is, she cannot shit in peace, can't even be pregnant in peace. But, I have to say, she's taking it pretty well. I mean, so far she's been able to take in the scrutiny, the being a public figure. Doing an absolutely fantastic job. I can't say the same now that she's preggers and eventually when crazy hormones start to kick in (post delivery and all...). Or crazy hormones could kick in sooner. I don't know.

When all's said and done, Princess really has some fine clothes. Every piece is just fitting. Trendy yet classy, thus be-fitting a Princess. I believe it's her personality and her entire look. Dress her in drab and she'll still look stunning. 

Yes, I do like her style. And, possibly a million others. But, unlike most, I kinda want to leave her alone and not be the serial stalker. Just creepy and to an extent, extremely rude. This is probably the downside of being a Princess, eh?

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