Thursday, May 26, 2011

being sick just ain't no fun

Especially when the school hols are approaching.

I have been having this dreaded fever since last Friday. It appears to be leaving me..for good this morning but I can still feel it trying to make it's way back somehow..Initially, the drs suspected I could've gotten the dengue fever so I went and took the test but thank GOD the test results came back negative. So, it must be some viral thing that's attacked me. I'm on just fever meds and antibiotics only but it's enough to drain all my every away.

The girls have been spending their day at their grandparents' house since Monday because with aches all over my body, I can hardly move. Oh yea, this fever comes with headaches, and even minor diarrhea. Also, hubby took some time off to help me because it was pretty bad in the first couple of days. And I, have been cramped inside the house for a week now, never venturing out unless it was to the doctors. I don't even know if I still remember to drive after this. Who knows what this fever has done to my body, my brains??...You know, I am ultimately thankful that I don't live in rhino steel buildings because if I did, I don't think I'd even survive the week!

OK...sillies aside, there seem to be some bug going around so just becareful, drink lots, eat lots of veggie and fruits and generally, get some rest. I have never had fever that lasts more than 24 hours, unless it was accompanied by some other cause such as chicken pox or measles but if it was just a normal fever, it wouldn't have lasted this long. Like they always say - there's a first for everything.

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BoeyJoey said...

oh dear... that sounds really bad. good that your girls are not with you during this time. hope you are better now. take lots of rest ya!

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