Friday, September 30, 2011

the girl with a golden heart

Last Saturday night, I went to grab Ramlee burger. If you know the best Ramlee in town, it would have to be the one at Seapark. It is truly and amazingly delicious. Not sure if the 2 whom I also bought for had the same sentiments because by the time we ate our burgers, it was soggy, wet, cold...just not the same when having it just out of the pan. I am chinese like that. Nevertheless, we ended up with cold burgers, chatime (who does not love Chatime?) and cigars

So, anyway, what happened was, if you know Seapark, it's quite an old PJ town. The shophouses, the homes all have a distinct 70's look to them. But, I love Seapark more for the food. How can you not love the food? The old uncles and aunties who continue to feed us with their secret recipes..they are to die for. I mean, TO.DIE.FOR. OK la, I've been told I am such an old china-apek. Can't blame me when it's a place I grew in, a place I used to frequent and wait endlessly for my mom to finish her marketing every SUnday. How I hate the wet market. I still do actually. 

Oh dear, but I digress.

Hubby parked his car in the opposite direction of where the Ramlee station was because we were on our way home from the in-laws place. He got out to grab 3 Ramlee Daging Special for me whilst I stayed in the car with the girls. Mini slept cos she was super tired but not Ash, she was as chatty as ever, asking me a thousand whys. I am telling you, I feel like being on the phone with a Japanese customer -- by the 5th WHY, you'll start peeing in your pants (or panties).

After about..oh, I don't know, the 50th why, Ash spotted a man rummaging through garbage right in front of our car. He was about 50-ish, had a torn but pretty clean white shirt and black knee-length shorts. He held a plastic bag in one hand while the other was free to search for more...err..rubbish?. He went through one trash can after another and another and eventually, pushed opened the glass door into public bank..hahah...sanitize your hand if u are a customer/employee at that branch. 

The whole scene must've gotten the curious side of Ash and she started to ask me why. Here's how our conversation went :

Ash : Mommy, why the uncle (see..she's even polite to call him uncle when society deems such people as trash) doing with the rubbish. 

Me : Oh, because the uncle is searching for food. He's hungry.

Ash : Rubbish got no food. Just rubbish.

Me : Because uncle have no money to buy food. Those people cannot finish their food, throw in the rubbish then the uncle pick it up to eat lor.

Ash : Oh...but but..I will help uncle. 

Me : How can you help the uncle?

Ash : I will give the moneys. 

Me : Where are you going to find all the moneys?

Ash : There...the coins. I will give all the coins to the uncle. Then uncle will love me (she associates love with gratitude, thankful, acknowledgement of good deeds..not love, love kind of love). Because I am a brave girl Mommy.

Me : That's very sweet of you honey. Yes, uncle will be very grateful (I didn't say love because well, he is after all very much older than her and he just went through trash) and you are really a brave girl.

And that was the end of it because the father came back to the car and I quickly asked her to tell her father what she saw in case she seriously wanted to get down to pass the uncle some cash. We drove off and that was that.

But, it was really really thoughtful of her. She's really sweet my girl. Can be annoying but sweet, kind and compassionate. So proud of her we are...and blessed that she's got such a good head on her shoulders and a truly a golden heart.

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