Saturday, November 12, 2011

all dressed up

Ever since being a SAHM, which is coming close to 6 years now, I have been slacking on myself. I mean, I hardly dress up. Don't talk about putting on make-up or even accessorize. First of all, it does save me some $$ for not having to buy these extras. Secondly, even if I didn't want to save and I still end up buying, where am I going to wear them to? Not as if I get to go out on a daily basis or at nights. By 9pm, I am usually exhausted to the bone.

But, it's nice to dress up once in a while, ain't it? It's nice to have that pair of heels, get eyelash extensions from and not forgetting, that little black dress. Ah...nothing like a perk-me-up to liven up an otherwise boring day. 

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