Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping

Just yesterday, a Facebook friend gave thanks to those around her i.e her family and dear friends. And then, she wished everyone Happy Thanksgiving. Then, I remembered : Black Friday!!'s not that I think that Thanksgiving should be disregarded or labeled "unimportant" but you shouldn't be thankful only on that day. You should be grateful everyday of our lives. I am truly. And that is why (and how) Black Friday shopping is the ultimate thing to do starting NOW.

I can't wait for the virtual doors to open for me to spend my hard earned money from Paypal. heheh...Give me a break la, I have been diligently saving and since I have not a chance to venture to the US, I'll do some virtual shopping for now. Besides, there are plenty of things that I need in my life right now. For instance, a new video camera would be nice esp for recording the girls' daily antics. One that allows me to plug it straight onto my tv instead of us having to download videos onto my computer. 

Apart from that, plenty to do during the hols. Get my home spruced up for Christmas. Put the tree up for instance. We were advised to put it up as ASAP (like right now) because 1 month goes by very quickly. So, yes, we will do it this weekend. The next thing, is to get the presents. I plan on "making" the female adult presents and buy the rest..hehe. Oh, don't ask. I'll give you a hint though : not enough time. 

So you see, time is of the essence here. Seriously lacking in that department and I seriously need to get my butt moving. Ciao time!

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