Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the best of 2 evils

I don't know..chatterbox 4s or terrible-twos? Honestly, I cannot choose because both are equally bad..hahha.

At the moment, that is what I am and have had to deal with. Although Mini's terrible-two is still kinda bearable to a point where it's not even fair to call it a 'terrible two'. But, she does have her moments.

Let me break for a snap shot of her right now :


This was taken at Desa Parkcity the weekend evening that Mini got better from her cold/cough/fever. I am telling you, the worst thing since Kim K is a sick child. It's not ever fun when your child is sick. Especially if your child isn't competent in speaking much...yet. But, thank God she's better now. Have been for a while. She even missed her mini concert that weekend. Oh well - there's always next year, which isn't very far away, only 3 more weeks.

waiting eagerly for father to light up birthday candle. It was hubby's bday.

Ash on the other hand is...growing up. Can't believe it but it's definitely happening. This also means more freedom for me. More ME time for me. More headache I am sure. A different kind of headache, but a headache nevertheless.

You know, before I even talk about next year, I shall savour every bit of what's left this year. Plenty to be proud of, plenty to be sad about and definitely, plenty to have nothing but a good laugh at. Even though, i am simply a stay-at-home mom without the excess office baggage to carry with me, the year has not been without it's drama and significance. Oh yea, we still get those....just packaged slightly different.

So, with all the sugar n spice, will I be ready for "them" another year? I'll say - Bring it on!!


chinnee (chinneeq@gmail.com) said...

having 2 girls are many times better than having 2 boys. Until now, i still can't stand my 2 boys and so hoping they will grow up quickly....Arrrghhh.....

Ann said...

Agree....totally hate it when they are sick and can't really tell you where is hurts.

Your little Mini is so cute!

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