Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas wish for 2011

The thing about Christmas this year is that the excitement has gotten to Mini too. You know - the tree decoration and..and..more tree decoration. Ash, on the other hand, can't wait for the grandparents to return so she could celebrate Christmas with them. But, unfortunately, her wish will not happen because the grandparents will be celebrating Christmas away from home this year instead. Of course we told her but, either due to her stubborn nature or she just cannot comprehend the reality of it. Either way, she will definitely get a rude awakening Christmas morning!

What's interesting is that the above wasn't what I wanted to talk about; I wanted to talk about my Christmas gift for this year and that would be getting the best ebook reader (apart from that Lamborghini and the Santorini vaca of course). I mean, the best thing since frosty chocolate cake, would be to be able to read free books off the internet. 

Now, to make my dream come true, the hubby needs to read this post right? Hubby, read this post!!  

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