Thursday, September 1, 2011

on being sick

Ash has not been well for the past 2 weeks. She had the sniffles first. Then, because she's such a light sleeper, her sleep was interrupted by stuffy nose and such. After that, sniffles turned into cough. Cough and cough, and cough. The worst is during the night-time. Sooo...what to do?

She definitely got it from school. And the cough is/was from her runny nose. In that 2 weeks, she saw the paed twice. The most recent was just this Monday. I told her doc that her cough has definitely worsened. Plus, she refused to eat. She's been off food for the past 2 weeks, and possibly the weeks before ever since her vomit episode. She hasn't been the same since. It didn't help that as soon as she recovered from her bout of bug infection, she welcomed another.

Anyway, her paed prescribed antibiotics as a last resort and no matter how much I try to avoid giving her antibiotics, this time, I gave in. I told the doc "please...anything". As soon as she took 1 dose, immediately her cough lessened. Immediately. Even though after the 2nd day, she was visibly better, she has to complete the course. 5 days that she has to take it.

School's about to start. I definitely want her to get well and go back to school on a regular basis (she's been skipping classes alot lately). Besides, this classmate of hers cannot sleep, eat nor function without her (OK..I may seem to be exaggerating here but trust me, this girl sticks to Ash like bee to honey).

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