Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year, 2012!!

Happy New Year guys! 

What shall I be watching? Well, 2012 of course! heh..How cheezy!

The year has come and gone (yet again!). Time really flies. It seemed like just yesterday we celebrated and ushered in 2011 and now, we embrace 2012. 

New Years for us is and has always been the same -- in that we spend the time at home, mainly in dreamland. Except for that one time, when I was pregnant with Mini, we spent the night at the hotel in KL to catch the fireworks. Of course, Ash was fast asleep by the time the fireworks came on and I was close to calling it a day/night. Hubby? I can't remember what he was doing. Probably, was busy watching the telly.

We'll be doing the same this year which is to sleep off the fireworks, if at all possible considering the noise and such. But, I believe we will or at least I will because we spent the day de-cluttering the house. We gave much of their toys away and clothes too. On top of that, we also threw away things we don't need, empty boxes etc...Now we have more space for more..err..junk?? 

I cannot believe cleaning was what we did to prepare for the New Year. LOL. Hope your day was much more well spent, like shopping for instance. Oh how I wanted to hit the stores but well, since we procrastinated on cleaning, we best get it done. Especially so when school begins in a couple of days. 

Also, I have decided to do away with New Year's resolutions because I can never keep at it. The most, I'll be all excited about ticking off the 1st or 2nd, but the next 20 will just be carried forward. By year 2015, I would have about 300 unresolved resolutions! No...child, I shall not go down that road. Not this year. Possibly, not ever! 

So, anyway, before I ramble on and on -- Here's wishing you the happiest of moments and an amazing adventure in 2012.

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