Friday, January 6, 2012

Help in the kitchen

helping in the kitchen 

 Seemingly enjoying themselves.

By the way, I need to back-up my photos that's sitting in my HD right now. In doing that, I realised there are plenty of photos I took dating back 6 to 7 months ago that I've not published, processed or did anything to them. For one thing, I have been lazy (what's new eh?).

So now, I reckon, is the right time to do all of it. And, when I do come across interesting ones, I'll put them up on this blog. Take the one above for instance -- they were helping me peel the peanut skin to make soup. Well, they tried their very best cos despite soaking the nuts overnight, the skin really stuck on and it wasn't that easy to peel. But, you know, the kids had a grand time nevertheless. When there's water involved (and making a mess in the process), anything is fun.   

1 comment:

Ann said...

Agree. When there is water invovled, these kids want to help but actually end up playing with water and making a mess....but that is fun for them. :)

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