Friday, January 20, 2012

random thoughts

Another warm and sunny day. It's really rare for me that both kids are somewhere I don't have to worry about them. I honestly relish the alone-ness, the ME time to do whatever I want and in a completely peaceful surrounding. For as long as I can remember, there have been none of those. 

The most important I truly treasure during times like these is the fact I get to eat. Really. Eating is something I haven't done in a long time. I am someone who rushes through food. Hubby always say I don't know how to enjoy food. I have had a friend who always complained I eat like a mouse. These folks do not know a thing, I tell ya...Don't know a thing!

I have always been like this. Taking my time when it comes to food. Especially when it's a truly yummy dish, I eat slower to savour every taste, every smell, every bite like it's the last thing I will ever eat on the face of this planet. Don't matter if there are more than that single serving on the table, I will simply take my time and enjoy the gastronomical ride..slowly. 

Many have said the mistaken belief that because I eat so slowly, I must not like food. Are you kidding me? How can anyone not love food?! Especially yummylicious food. It's a hiong sau that most people do not appreciate the way that I do. 

With my new found freedom, I take my time to have my breakfast after sending the kids away ('away' - that sounded soooooooo good). It could dining at a favourite mamak joint or kopitiam. Again, taking my time. Thankfully, I have found someone who also takes her time to eat. So, you see, there may be more of 'us' out there. 

By the time I finish my long breakfast or I should in fact call it my brunch, I'll be too stuffed to have lunch proper. And, I can just relax when it's time to feed the kids during lunchtime. Isn't that the best thing ever? I think it is. 

Now, all i need to do is look forward to the day where I send both off to boarding school. 

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