Tuesday, May 10, 2011

on Mother's Day

How was Mother's Day guys? I should really be asking about Father's Day now, shouldn't I? Ah well, leave that for the mo; I am still on Mother's Day mode.

As for me (us), we spent Sunday at home most of the time. It was so so warm the past couple of days, I felt like submerging myself into a tub of ice. My cousin and family went to the Ice Room. I was this close to leaving all and following them there. But I didn't. I stayed home, with the troops. All of us were down with something or another : Em got the cough, hubby's nose ran away and doesn't look like it's making an appearance anytime soon, I had the fever last Friday. The only one standing was Ash but now, she's beginning to get the cough too (heard her last night). I think it's the weather, the not-eating-well the past 2 weeks or so. You know, just about everything. So, we decided to stay home on MOther's Day. We or should I say, hubby and I spent the day taking it easy, cleaning the house (which was left untouched for 2 weeks!!!), I cooked lunch (dinner we ate out)...

'Twas a slow slow weekend for us. A time to recoup and recover..

ps : and I didn't get any presents too..hhmmpphh..
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