Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogger's new interface

I am still not used to this new interface on Blogger. It feels strange typing out my blog posts. But, I am sure - as with all things - I will get used to it eventually. Just hoping that I do not lose any of my blog posts or information.

On to something else : Mini's been yakking quite a bit. She has now gone to the extent of saying "Go away..". Oh dear..did she pick it up from us when we tell her to go away when we don't want to be disturbed? Bad bad influence!!

It's thursday and it's the last day of our long holidays. Hubby's going back to work tomorrow even if it's only just for 1 day. Since he's been home, we have done quite a few things around the house. We've changed our filter water cartridge for one. We threw away old bottles and junk. According to he, our mini backyard is cluttered with too much junk. Then, just a couple of things here and there...basically spring clean and repaired the outdoor thermometer. Am I happy with the results? yes yes...of course..hehhe.

Back to the grind next week. Back to cooking. Back to the school run. Back to the kids' activities. It's a good thing I am still standing. 

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