Friday, September 9, 2011

5 year plan

So..have you ever planned anything to happen way way waaaayyyy in the future? Even my wedding I only planned it within 6 months. The only thing that took more than 6 months was having kids. Other than that, a 5 year or more plan has never happened to me. Maybe except when I was in Std 5.

You know, how in those days, pre-UPSR days, we had the Penilaian (Assessment) exam in Std 5. I never really wondered why STd 5 and not Std 6. If it was in Std 6, I would've skipped it all together cos my family went away to the US for a year++. What's your point? I have one - just bear with me. After the Penilaian exams, it was literally honeymoon. I mean, teachers weren't teaching. They were in class, but just allowed us to do what we wanted, which was essentially to play. We would bring games to school. I remembered a couple of kids in my class on an impromptu basis, acted out a scene from Mind Your Language. Take a wild guess which character I took on? hahahha. It was hilarious. People from other classes started peering into our classrooms from the outside, wondering what the heck we were up to. They stood to watch.

Believe me, I DO have a point. I will come to it shortly.

You get the idea of how 'free' we were after those exams. Free but still had to compulsorily attend school. More like forced to attend. My friends and I, the 3 of us - possibly bored out of our minds - made a pact that when we grow up, we would live together in an apartment like Three's A Company. And I was to become a kindergarten teacher (oh, how thankful I am it was only a short term fantasy), another would be in the police force and..I can't remember what my other friend wanted to do. But, oh, we had these dreams. We were so serious that to avoid any sort of conflict, we divided house-chores amongst us. I wonder who's been keeping that chore list. We definitely had plans.

So, that was the longest I have ever planned for anything. As you know, none of anything materialised. As a matter of fact, after I returned from the US, all of us went separate ways, had different set of friends, were in different classes. Until now, I have no idea where and what they are doing. Perhaps I should start searching.

Told you I had a point.

Now, back to the 5-year plan. In 5 years, there's this plan to take a trip to Italy. Yea, we want to do the whole "Eat"-thing. Do what the Italians do, or at least try to. Rome would be stunning, Milan would be fashionable, Venice would be magical and Florence....Florence is my old neighbour from my mom's house. Sounds like a P.L.A.N, don't it?

But, before this P.L.A.N comes to life, I need to save every penny I have. Eat bread everyday (I can always have good food later in Italy), stop splurging on RM200 pair of shoes, scour religiously for free online know, just about ANYTHING to be able to get myself on that plane. 5 years is a long time to save.

Yep, sounds like a Plan...

ps : it's 2 in the AM. Serena's on court and I can't sleep with Wilson Philips' Hold On constantly ringing in my head. Lovely song :-).


mom2ashleyaidan said...

yeap sounds like a plan indeed!
and i miss Wilson Philips' songs! Love 'Hold on'!

Mamapumpkin said...

Not bad for a paid post - good effort!!!

Actually, it was frigging brilliant!!!

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