Wednesday, April 6, 2011

early morning tears

Ash cried this morning when she saw her Daddy in his work clothes. She's been asking us to take her to 1U where she can go on the kiddy car/stroller/pushcart ride because it's been a while since she has gone to the mall. Actually, it was more like 'pestering' us and we told her we'll go the first thing on Saturday morning.

But, because she asked us since Monday and Saturday is a long wait and she's already been waiting for such a long time, she can't wait any second longer. So she cried. And refused to change out of her pj's and kept asking her Dad not to go to work (Hubby told her that we'll take her when there's no school and no obviously, she thought that meant she had a choice not to go to school or that Dad has a choice not to go to work).

To pacify his princess, hubby told her we'll take her tonight. -sigh-

It's true that we haven't been spending as much time with her lately. Actually, not only her but the both of them. But, Mini is pretty much still in the blur -- as long as there's food, nothing else matters to her (at the moment). For Ash, perhaps it's the school routine that's boring her and we've been busy during the weekends just running around doing un-fun stuffs. Plus, both of us had our weekends off respectively so we didn't do anything family-like for a while now.

I would like to warn her though that the coming weekends will not be any fun either. Well, at least, not until her aunts and uncle comes home because we've got quite a fair bit to do at home. I don't know...we'll see. We'll see how it goes later tonight. Lets hope she's happier after that...**fingers crossed**


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Aww poor girl. At least she will get to go tonight. Mummy no need to cook yayyyyy!!!!

Ann said...

Awww....poor kiddo. Though I know going to the mall on a weekday is quite horrendous. Well...hope things cool down in the evenings and maybe some other treat would be easier to fulfill.

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