Wednesday, April 6, 2011

mystery photo

what's that?

Does it (the photo) not evoke a kind of abstractly mysterious feel to it? Or, more likely - what in heaven's name is that?

It's actually Ash and the skirt she's wearing. More like an oversized tutu because her aunt bought her 2 sizes too big. She was lying down on the floor waiting for her dad to assemble her birthday gift, I was busy snapping away with my camera. I tried a few angles : one from the side, from the side-front, from the back, from the front...etc...I wanted to capture that...that..frankly, I don't even know what I was trying to capture but just my poor attempt at being artsy.

Then, I chose one that was at least decent looking and played around with the textures and all. And, finally, this was the result. I am happy with the treatment (of the photo) but not the image. Blame it on the angle.

WHat shall I do with this now that the photo can be safely placed under the almost-ruined-but-not- entirely category? Frame it? Give it away as Christmas present? I've even created, in my computer, a folder called my Personal Creations just for urm...unintentionals just as this.

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