Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what's up with Ash?

I can't believe how time flies. My little girl is no longer so little anymore; especially when I give Em a shower or when I'm changing her diaper, I'd start to compare how little Em is and how big Ash has become. They grow up mighty fast don't they?

Ash will be 3 in oh..about 2 months'. I don't think we will be having a big celebration for her but we will definitely have a small gathering amongst family. Just the usual makan and the birthday cake for documenting purposes. We'll probably do the whole enchilada when she turns 16. Provided of course, she's not a circuit city customer and still calls home home.

I'll probably get her a gimme mouse cake. Her favourite cartoon figure of all time. She breathes, eats and sleep that mouse. Rest assured I'll be posting up photos of her cake when that happens!

1 comment:

Ann said...

Wow....I am thinking when my little one comes out how little I will feel the baby is and how BIG I would feel my boy is!

Yeah...looking forward to the pic on the cake!

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