Thursday, January 21, 2010

eating like a pig...and loving it!

Since the tennis season has started, I've been eating like a pig. Ok, well maybe not so much of eating but munching away on mostly junk food! I know!!! **gasp**. I am so not a healthy person. At my age, I should start thinking about my health and all but I just cant resist them. Who can resist a packet of Nachos? or Mamee or Muruku? Who can resist a large iced cold glass of Kikapoo? or a Cornetto ice-cream cone? They are foods made from heaven!

After all these munching and nibbling, we have yet another feast-y occasion - CNY!! The only reason why this time of the year is so so SO important to me is because of all the glorious food my MIL and grandma makes. It's to die for I am telling you. One round of eating is never enough. I am telling you, I simply cannot wait.

So, what am I gonna do after all these eating fest is over? I have a plan. Yup, folks, our very own "after shock diets that work"!.


wen said...

world cup is this yr. wld u be eating like a pig too? :D

Shireen Loh said...

yes!!! hahaha..but not as much i think cos not really a fan..just watch if I place bets :-D

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