Thursday, January 14, 2010

new beginning in our household!

Now, it's not only that this is the beginning of the year but also, some other new developments involving the family. And when I say 'developments', it has everything to do with the kids.

Firstly, we are no longer a family of 4 but 5!! hahah...before you get so excited and wonder if I am pregnant (again!), no I am not.

Did we get a new pet? Nope...not quite.

So, what the heck is it??!!

We have a new maid. Yep, we have succumb and now we are scum lol...just kidding. Don't pelt rotten eggs at my direction.

I didn't mention it earlier because when she came, I was this close to sending her back. No, it wasn't because of something she did or that she was un-handle-able. It was actually me, I wasn't comfortable with a stranger in my house. And I would always look forward to the day when she has her day off (yes, she is a Filipino) so I could have my house back. I know, strange!

But, she's been a big help. I won't say she's the best worker in the world because lets face it, we all have our flaws. No one is perfect. So, from the onset, I told myself to expect less so I won't be disappointed. Luckily, she deosn't have any quirky habits and is nice to my girls.

When we decided to hire one, Hubby and I agreed that the maid will help us with our house chores, not the kids. We will continue to feed and shower the kids, cook and do whatever when it comes to them; even making their milk. We don't want the kids to be attached to the maid and we don't want to be dependent on her because in our minds, this is only a temporary arrangement. We plan on doing away with helpers (except for part-timers) after about a year.

Plus, she helps out at my PIL's whenever I drop Em off in the mornings when Ash and I attend our playgroup sessions. The other reason why we finally caved in on getting hired help.

But, yes, hubby and I are less exhausted with our new helper around. It's less demanding on us basically because if you have a toddler and an active baby, you will know what I mean!! Oh and so, she's been with us for close to 4 months now. So far, things are going well. Lets hope I don't end up having problems *touch wood*.

So, that's the maid thingy. About Ash and I. Well, we started our first class/session for the year on Monday. It's a twice weekly affair for 2 hours each time. I am happy with the programme so far. It's structured so it feels more like a play-school rather than a play-group. The only difference is that this "play-school" has mommies in attendance and very minimal snacks..heheh...Ah and the monthly fees are TO.DIE.FOR!!! lol

The class time-table is as follows :

1. 9.30 to 10 - independent play (with mommy to guide). The walls of the class are aligned with shelves. The toys are neatly placed in baskets/boxes on these shelves. The kids will take one toy at a time, and they are done, they identify the place where they've taken the toy from by looking for corresponding stickers stuck in front of the box and on the shelf space. They are not encouraged to share or play with others. These toys are assembled from everyday things such as pebbles, tea set with water..etc...

2. 10 to 10.20 - circle time. Where everyone sits in a circle with their mommies behind the child. They will sing a good morning song and greet each other. Then, the volunteer teacher with lead them in various children's songs such as the ones from Barney etc...complete with actions and stuff. Talk about exercise for this exercise-deficient momsie!! heheh

3. 10.20 to 10.35 - after circle time, the kids will line up to wash their hands for some snacks. Last year when we attended the class, there was a birthday celebration. We had cakes.

4. 1035 to 11 - free play. Ranges from indoor activities to outdoor slides, gym, inflatable pool...etc...this is the time that the mommies look forward to cos they gather around for coffee and cookies and gossip about the latest Desperate Housewives episode. hhehehe...This activity apparently, is to help de-cling the kids from their mommies and play with each other.

5. 11 to11.30 - craft, writing, nursery rhymes, reading time. This part varies throughout the year. For the first 3 months, I was told, they will learn nursery rhymes. And the session ends with another round of circle time where the kids sing a goodbye song to each other.

Well, that's it. That's a wrap. It's mostly play. I really do envy these kids..

As for Ash, she loves her class. She even remembers some of the songs and actions too. She wants me to sing for her at home...O_O..hehehe...Guess this mama will have to brush up on her vocals eh, I mean, I don't want to be the only one singing out of tune, if ya know what I mean ;-).


mom2ashleyaidan said...

congrats on your new helper. yes it does taking used to but then when we need help, we just need to surrender, close one eye and then let the helper do her job. At least now you guys can relax a bit and let your maid do the donkey household chores...

Rina said...

Hi. Having an extra hand definitely helps and reduces our stress. I still dont know how I kept my sanity all this while raising 2 kids without any maid. They are now 5 and 3. The only consolation was I kept my privacy.

mommy to chumsy said...

i am sure your maid loves working in your home cos you are such nice employer :) glad that the playschool is working well for Ash :D

mott said...

Cool! More time to be "tai-tai"!

Shireen Loh said...

Mom2ashleyaidan : true. how so very true.

Rina : Thanks for dropping by my blog. Gosh, you must be a very capable lady. I wish I am half like you. Truly, my hats off to you!

mommy to chumsy : hahah...I am not sure about the 'nice' employer bit but I have to keep reminding myself to close eye...close eye..:-)

mott : how come I still don't feel like one?? hmm...

Anonymous said...

I never like the idea of having a stay in maid too.. but after the 2nd one come along, I find it very taxing and I am grumpy and grouchy all the time.. So finally hubby and i gave in and had one.. She been with us for more than 4mths already. she's a cambodian.. I am glad i get a helper. Though she can't do everything 100% to my expectation, but i learn to close 1 eyes and i get more times with my boys, my hubby, and myself too.. more balanced and
i find myself happier....

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