Friday, October 12, 2012

The gender thing

You know, I think Mini is confused about her own identity, as in she thinks that she can sometimes be a boy or a girl, depending on the mood, the star alignment...etc. But, most of the time, she refers to herself as being a boy. Yup, but a boy who wears Barbie PJs, and dresses. She is one confused kid.

She's always been the hyper one. Not as girly as the sis. She still is. And, she likes Ben 10 stuff even though she doesn't know what it is. And she likes Buzz. She even asked her dad once to get her this gigantum Buzz toy figurine that costs a couple of hundreds of RM. Do you think her father got it for her? Of course not!

Now, she's into Ben 10. She's been asking me to get her Ben 10 shoes. Now, where on earth am I going to find her Ben 10 shoes? Also, if I get her Ben 10 shoes, she will pair it with a flowy dress or something. I mean, this girl has a serious fashion issue. All mis-matching stuff. Oh, and she even has her nails painted recently and refused to let me get them off. See what I mean about her being confused?

I supposed she could be like the tough girl, you know. The Megan Fox in Transformers. She can take a car (and a guy) apart. She can talk cars with the father when she's older. Like, which car stereo to get, how to change tires (I don't even know how to), how to replace toyota tacoma seat covers....just regular guy thing. 

Or, she might just be going through a phase.

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