Friday, October 12, 2012


So, Ash got 2 fishes from her school's charity bazaar a couple of weekends back. They hold this event this every year and proceeds from the bazaar goes to making a kid's dream come true via the Make-a Wish Foundation (Malaysia). It's actually pretty exciting for the kids because they will spend weeks before the actual day learning about giving to the less fortunate (and that there are kids who are less fortunate than them). In this case, they will help make a certain child's dream come true. Plus, the kids will also make crafts which ultimately goes on sale that day as well. And, on the actual day, the kids will have (had) such blast that they will not leave. I am telling you...they won't! 

Anyway, back to those fishies. So, she got herself 2 fishes. They were kept in a plastic bag inside a container. We couldn't find an appropriate fishy place to put them. We thought we could get it done the next day, which was a Sunday. 

Honestly, the girls weren't too bothered about them fishies. After feeding them their "dinner", they just left the fishes still in their plastic bag on the table. Just like that.

This is definitely not a funny thing, but when I found 1 of the fishes dead the next day, I kinda went to hubby and snigger. WHat do you expect? Leaving the poor fishes with no room to breathe and no room to roam. The girls came down to feed the fishes their breakfast and I told them, one of them had died. Ash went "oh". Funny, I don't remember anything else after the "oh".

To cut long story short, I think my girls are kind of heartless. hahahahah..All they wanted to do was feed the fish. And, after telling them 1 had died and we were going to move the live one outside and into a proper bowl, she wasn't bothered about them at all. Mini was worst, I don't think she even remembers hahahah...

See..I was right about not getting any pets for them. They couldn't even handle 2 fishes. OK lar, not totally their fault cos the mommy and daddy also not bothered. As you would've already guessed, the other one died not long after. Oh, well. I should probably trigger the girls' memory abit about them fishes...hehehhe...and to see what they'll say. 

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