Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ash's cat

Remember, a couple of posts back I talked about how Ash wanted a pet cat and how we are not getting her one anytime soon, or not at all? I am too lazy to look for the link and post it up here. But, I did talk about her wanting a cat..a real cat. And also how she already has a toy cat that she plays with and pretends it's a real cat. OK, not so psychotic...just at times, she'd like to cuddle, dress it up, decorate it a bit.

One day, I saw this :

She decided to de Princess her cat too. It was just completely hilarious that I simply had to take a photo of it. Funny la this girl of mine. I love her to bits and truly am grateful to have my girls in my life.

Anyway, she hasn't asked for a pet cat lately. But, she will...occasionally when she sees one or just thought of having one. Well, I always tell myself "it's better a cat than asking for dha tanning. You know, all the hard and difficult questions? Hubby has to do it. I am sure he doesn't mind doing it either especially when it comes to interviewing prospective male candidates. My dad just ran upstairs and hid in the room when my sister's ex wanted to ask if he could date my sister...hahahaha...That was funny!

So that is...Ash's pet cat...for now (and always!).

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