Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kidzania The Curve PJ

Tell you the truth. I thought I could escape the Kidzania mania...forever and ever. Sadly, it could not escape me. Or, I could not escape it.

I was just there last weekend. Honestly, I am not the kind who likes to rush with the crowds. I try to avoid the crowd like the plague. Hence, my mall visitations are strictly during weekdays when the kids are in school and I can try on that pair of pants without someone screaming down my neck demanding for ice-cream, or needing the toilet or whatever.

So the thought of having to brave the crowd on a weekend (and a long one might I add) wasn't the smartest of all choices. Why did I do it then?

Ah you see...when you have a kid who bugs you about taking her to Kidzania since the 20th Century, you just give in. Otherwise, you will never see the light of day. And this is why I have no doubt she will succeed working in a Japanese company because those buggers can be quite a pain in the arse. She will blend in quite easily.

And, so we went. We decided to split up with me taking Ash and Hubby taking Mini. Naturally, when Hubby dropped us off, and Mini realising she wasn't coming with us, cried, screamed and kicked. How long the ruckus lasted I don't know but Hubby was super sweet - he took her to Ikano, bought her ice-cream, painted something with her and took her to the mini playground on the top floor. Technically, he was supposed to go grocery shopping but he had to calm her down first, right?

The real reason why Ash insisted on going was because she had some unfinished business with Kidzania. You see, she went to Kidzania on a school trip some months back. She participated in some activities. The ones which she fancied and the ones that she actually understood. Then along came the water bottling plant. She went through the whole process and got a bottle for herself which she claimed was so cool..so cool. Then, she lost her bottle. Apparently someone mistook hers for their bottle, took it and scooted off. She was visibly upset by it. The teacher even promised to look for it for her. The problem was...the day after the trip, she skipped school for 2 weeks due to HFMD.

So, the bottle and it's contents..they were gone...forever! And Ash wouldn't let it go. Nope. She wanted a bottle. She wants another shot at it. She was not going to let up. Why? What is so freaking fun about assembling the bottle? Must have been fun because every now and then, after her trip, she'd lament over her lost bottle and how she'd want to 'make another one'.

OK lor, fine, so we decided to take her there.

getting ready...

it begins...

After that, she was happy. Of course, we didn't leave immediately (which was what I wanted to do). It was painting school, some colouring shop, jewellery making class and then to the hospital. Since we were at the hospital last, we had to rush and didn't get the opportunity to play doctor. So, instead she settled for playing nurse. Oh, in between, she wanted to try out the Oreo cookie thingy but was too young..only for those who are 8 and above. So much for making Oreos.

Painting School..

assembling her bracelet...

It was pretty fun...for a kid. I was truly tired and kinda bored. Having to queue reminded me of Disneyland. Of course, it's nothing compared to having to wait 45 mins to an hour for a ride but still...had to wait lo.

I saw some kids running around on their own. I reckon it's ok to leave your kids there whilst you go shop or do whatever. But, only when they are 12 at least. Won't recommend it for any kid ages 12 and under to be on their own even though, it's supposed to be safe and all. Don't know why but I still do not completely trust the security. That guy right there in the Jewellery-Making class...he left the 'class' mid-way. Left to do what I don't know cos he just walked up and down the 'street'. Possibly looking for someone or something. I don't suppose the supervisors/instructors can leave the area un-attended, can they? Even if they left for, like a wee minute? If he was gone for more than 2 minutes, I would've complained because he had young kids with older kids in there. Shouldn't leave the place un-attended at all cost, that's what I feel. Even then, they shouldn't leave the place at all.

So far, Ash is a satisfied kiddo. No more asking for her bottle. In fact, the bottle has replaced her school water-bottle since. I, on the other hand, definitely wish for no more Kidzania. But, I doubt it. She missed the Supermarket section!!! =O

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