Thursday, March 26, 2009


This heavy mama went for some exercise this the mall..LOL

I was contemplating if I should do it (walking, that is...what were you thinking? *wink*) outside where I can get some fresh air or indoors, for some urm artificial air.

A mini debate was going on for a while before finally deciding on IUtama. Thank God Ash was pretty well behaved. I mean, she did entice me to a game of hide and seek at Esprit and Padini. Not exactly my kind of game but you know...Come to think of it, she got most of the sales people all worked up and ended up playing with her.

She did also try to grab everything that were on display at the optical shop I happened to stroll into. It was precisely that moment when I realised what a lousy idea it was walking in and I promptly went out from there before she actually took something. Luckily, she followed me without a fuss. I would've hated having to carry a screaming and kicking tot.

Apart from that, she did ok.

I think, I really should do this more know, as my days are numbered and I definitely need all the movement I can get; if ya know what I mean...


mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh...a lil' retail therapy is good. so it was just you and ashley eh? how brave...hehehehhe. she looks so cute in the photo. her eyes are so big :D

Sasha said...

eh pregnant? sorry ha.. haven't been going around alot lately. Congrats if u're really preggie :D

sting said...

love this photo of her... so adorable :-) and nice set of teeth she got.. hehe.. take care ya

Shireen Loh said...

Barb : Unfortunately, there was no retail therapy...:-(

Sasha : Yes and thanks!! :-)

Sting : wah, can see teeth meh...let me check..:-P

Sasha said...

ooo congrats!!!!

wen said...

she must be very cute if not the sales ppl wont be playing with her too!
u take care and have a good rest

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