Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Did you know...that my favourite color is green? I'm just sayin'...

So, the weekend went along without drama...thank GOD! Of course, it did help when hubby and I went on a short mini 3 hour excursion to Putrajaya for the hot air balloon fiesta. We decided at the very last minute not to bring Ash even though we had her in our plans initially. But, the weather was horrendous. Plus, we opted to go for the evening session and we didn't want her to miss her dinner etc...so, we left her with my in-laws.

It was...well, the event didn't wow us away, that much I can tell you. But the participating balloons were really something. My only regret was we were too close to them and I wished we had gone exploring for better photographing spots.

Oh yea, the food selection wasn't all that great either. Or maybe, we were there late and they had better choices during the day, I'm not sure. In the end, we opted for pizza for 2. I was so hungry, I could've eaten the whole damn thing.

We waited around for the night show which was supposedly scheduled to begin at 8pm but it didn't. So ,we left because we needed to pick Ash up and surprise her with a little gift – hubby bought her an over-priced helium balloon as compensation :-D. I'm telling you, that girl has got her Daddy wrapped around her little finger. It won't be long before she'll have herself a competition...hehehhe...when that happens, all I can say to hubby is “Good luck mate!” *evil laughter*

You can see more photos on the side. Keep refreshing the page for new pics until the rotation goes a full circle. This will have to do for now until I get myself a flickr account or something.


mommy to chumsy said...

ahhh...you are the 2nd person i know who went to see the balloons. i heard it was pretty nice at night :)

wen said...

if i knew abt it, i wld have gone too!!!

Shireen Loh said...

Barb : oh yes, it was indeed - the night scenes. But, too bad we couldn't stay any longer. Maybe next time :-)

Wen : I only knew about when a friend mentioned it. Otherwise, I would've lucked out too.

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