Friday, March 20, 2009

Thoughts that don't make a whole lot of sense

the cupcake that Hubby bought

I was sharing with a sweet friend a couple of days ago about me having un-explained bouts of depressed feelings lately. I couldn't understand why I was happy one moment and the next, I find myself crying a river. I was so convinced that pnd shouldn't hit me now, should it? Perhaps, it's a sign, a sign that my actual pnd will be worst than the last. I certainly do hope that isn't the case but knowing what I went through the last time when I had Ash, I am not optimistic (that things will be better this round). Still, I'm hopeful (or set out on some retail therapy - Sale going on).

I'm feeling fine today far – just like how I am normally. But, I won't know how I will be say, in another hour or in the next 5 hours. Lets hope I'll be in a much better shape for the weekend. I would really hate to spoil the weekend mood.

On a lighter note, it won't be long before Ash turns 3 and when she does, we'll get to start her off on the tennis lessons that we've planned for even before she was born. *gasp*...I know, I'm such a lunatic! But, you know, before that happens, I might just need to start having the courage to potty train her.

What? Yeah, you heard me – Ash isn't potty trained! A definite true mom confession time.

I admit, I'm guilty. Let me tell you that the only reason why I haven't even attempted to try is because I'm afraid of the spills and accidents. *gasp again*...I'm just not prepared for these kind of things -- mentally or otherwise. So, parents-at-large, I am truly evil and you shall not follow in my footsteps. I'm not sure when I'll begin but certainly, I will have to...pretty soon.

And for the final random silly thought, my favourite tennis player will be welcoming his child this summer. The gender of the baby is not known (probably, not yet) but if it's a boy, I am so going to marry my second kid off to him...LOL...Hubby and I are having another baby girl. Sorry for the late announcement but I do have a somewhat valid explanation : we wanted to surprise the folks initially and to keep everyone in the family guessing. So, if I were to reveal it here, on this blog, it wouldn't be appropriate if they found out this way. However, as you would have guessed, we weren't very successful at concealing our urm, little secret and eventually, the cat got out of the bag. Now, everyone knows...that includes you. :-D

My only major concern right now (so, maybe it's not real major), amongst others, is having to pick a name for her. A name that we both like and feel contended with. Actually, I've been mulling over this for the past couple of months ever since we knew but nothing struck the chord. I'm having zero inspiration. Perhaps, she shall be nameless until after she's born.

Gosh, this post, I believe, has gone on for far too long. I do hope you've had a much better week than I did and so, here's wishing you an even better weekend! Have a great one all...


mommy to chumsy said... are funny!!! i hope you and federer can be inlaws ;)

don't worry about potty training ash. when she's ready, she'll wanna do it herself :D you have a good weekend, my friend :D

mott said...

Heh..I so know about PND. My sleepless enemy.

I'm always around if you need to rant out. Even if it's a pointless one.

Glad to know you're going to have a girl!!! Ash is going to be a really sweeeeeet sis! Gosh...a Jie Jie...

Only 2 and a Jie Jie!

And don't worry abt the potty training bit... she'll get there, eventually. No need to rush, whatsoever! comment is as long as your post! heh..ok, not quite. Hope you'll have a goooooood restful weekened!!!

HN said...

Have a happy and relax weekend Shireen :)Congrats for the second pregnancy and take care!

ryeli said...

congrats! you're also having 2 girls...welcome to the club! u know, i was just thinking of u (havent been to your site lately) and was wondering if you have given birth yet. and somehow i had this feeling it was going 2 be another girl too. congrats again, cant wait to see your no. 2. tk care!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Congrats on having a girl. If I have a third, I'll definitely prefer a girl too :)

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